Entertainment Centers

Technology has changed the way we live our lives. And now it is changing our homes. Homeowners are planning large, tech-friendly media rooms to create gathering places to entertain and meet the entertainment demands of their families.

Turner Custom Cabinets creates some of the Maryland and Washington, DC area's most amazing home theater rooms and custom entertainment centers. We take into consideration the home theater equipment you'll be using when designing your space. For those decorating with a modern home décor, you may opt for wireless home theater systems. This Modern home décor leaves your living space clutter-free and offers a very clean, crisp appearance.

Turner Cabinetry builds and installs custom entertainment centers that are far better than pre-manufactured cabinets and shelves. Our cabinets are stronger, they last longer, and because they are custom-built, they are able to create a mood and feeling that fits your family's unique sense of style. Store-bought entertainment centers are usually made of standard grade or mixed wood. This means that you think is wood, is actually several layers of thin plywood glued together. These kids of entertainment centers are not tailored to support heavy equipment and often times look cheap. They can't compete with our custom entertainment solutions.

Our custom entertainment centers are built to keep your speakers, stereo equipment, and TV safe and secure. We build iwth good, solid hardwood. This means your cabinets are resistant to termites, scratches, and wear and tear. Since our cabinets are genuine hardwood, they will be strong enough to hold the weight of your entire entertainment system.