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Custom Cabinetry - Endless Possibilities!

Turner Cabinetry is the Maryland and DC area custom cabinet contractor that brings all the elements of a successful remodeling project together. We start with you. You bring the inspiration, the vision, and the style. We rely on our years of experience and superior craftsmanship to turn that vision into reality. The result is always and perfect blend of style and function - with a hint of WOW!

Time after time, we hear from homeowners that are amazed at our ability to take their inspiration and creatively transform their homes into living spaces that perfectly reflect their sense of style and need for beautiful functionality.

Our Process


Starting a design project can be overwhelming. With Turner Cabinetry helping you from start to finish, you'll feel more secure. Our skilled designers will introduce themselves during your free consultation. They are there to listen. They'll take notes on your sense of style, aesthetics, and your unique vision for your home.

All we will need, besides your imagination and creativity, are blueprints, measurements, and photos of the space(s). At this time you can also offer any other sources of inspiration you've found - whether online or in magazines.

Once we have a feel for your unique vision, we’ll provide a detailed proposal that will get everyone on the same page and allow us to move forward.


Your home is the heart of your family: the center of your life. It can also be a place to welcome and entertain special guests. Because of this, choosing a custom cabinetry solution will really make your home feel like your own. Turner Cabinetry builds custom cabinets for your kitchen, bath, and other special areas of your home. Our cabinets are built to last and match the style and functionality your family requires. We have an acute attention to detail and our years of experience off you and your family the level of craftsmanship you expect from a custom cabinet-maker.

We offer a large variety of custom styles, wood products, and finishes. Choose from classic & traditional to contemporary & stylish. Explore the limits of your imagination and choose cabinets that provide your family the quality you expect. Consider the latest innovations in home organization as you create a space that’s both beautiful and functional.


Custom cabinet installation jobs are always unique. Because our cabinets are designed specifically for your home's unique space, no two installations are ever alike. Every room in every home is different. Each has different walls, ceilings, and floors. This makes custom installation projects a challenge. For that very reason, Turner Cabinetry only uses highly-trained teams that are efficient and detail-oriented.

Our teams are meticulous about leveling your cabinets, carefully squaring everything, and making sure each custom cabinet fits your space perfectly. The final result will leave you completely satisfied and will create a new feel in your home!

Your Custom Cabinets

You want something amazing. You want something functional. You want a kitchen that inspires the cook. You want an entertainment center that brings media to life. You want a master bathroom that greets you in the morning with energy, while offering you a feeling of elegance and style at night. When you want it all, only custom cabinets can deliver it to you.

This is what we do at Turner Cabinetry. Custom cabinet design is what we're all about. Take a look and see for yourself.

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